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  • 03Mar

    The World champion in 1981 and 1983, Guo Yuehua, and the winner of the Men’s World Cup in 1985, Chen Xinhua, will complete the line up for the Spectacular Pairs competition to be held as a special feature at the Volkswagen 2010 Cup – Guangzhou, to be staged in the southern Chinese city on Monday 29th and Tuesday 30th March.

    Guo Yuehua will join forces with Chen Xinhua  Photo By: Monthly World Table Tennis

    Guo Yuehua and Chen Xinhua will line up alongside Japan’s Koji Matsushita and Hiroshi Shibutani, Ulf Carlsson and Jörgen Persson, brothers Jean-Michel and Philippe Saive plus the one female partnership on duty the Hungary’s Krisztina Toth and the Czech Republic’s Renata Strbikova.
    Both Guo Yuehua and Chen Xinhua are legends of table tennis.

    World Championships Success
    In addition to being crowned Men’s Singles World champion on two occasions, Guo Yuehua was the runner up in consecutive years, 1977 and 1979, before eventually securing the title in 1981 in Novi Sad.

    Furthermore, in 1983 he won the Mixed Doubles title at the World Championships in Tokyo, partnering Ni Xia Lian, and led China to victory in the Men’s Team event at the World Championships in 1977, 1981 and 1983.

    Success at the World Championships and he enjoyed success at the Men’s World Cup, he won in 1980 and 1981.

    Next Generation
    Meanwhile, Chen Xinhua came from the next generation of Chinese stars and he was the man that set a new trend in table tennis styles; he was the first backspin player of international calibre to possess the dynamic forehand topspin.

    He was the model for the likes of Ding Song, Hou Yingchao, Joo Se Hyuk and Chen Weixing to follow.

    A member of the gold medal winning Chinese Men’s Team at the World Championships 1985 and 1987 he later moved to England, representing his adopted country at the 1991, 1993 and 1995 World Championships.

    Electric Style
    Undoubtedly, Chen Xinhua has a fine playing record but it is the manner of his play for which he will be forever known. The ability to serve and follow with a devastating forehand topspin have ended the hopes of many an adversary but it is when back from the table, defending and performing the trademark cartwheel between returns that he is best known.

    Spectacular doubles is made for Chen Xinhua.

    Two Sessions
    In the Spectacular Pairs competition, each pair will have two three minute sessions to entertain the crowd; in that period of time, each pair must try to produce the most exciting table tennis possible.

    Judging will be based on three criteria: Consistency (the lack of errors), Difficulty (how complicated and risky) and Spectacular (how stunning)

    There will be three judges, one judging each element; it is proposed that a celebrity judges “Spectacular”, a coach assesses “Difficulty” and an Umpire determines Consistency”.

    Prize Fund
    Each pair performs twice, the points are totalled and the pair with the most points wins; if two or more pairs are tied, then each performs again for two minutes with judges awarding marks for the final decision.

    The winning pair receives US$10,000, the runners up US$5,000 with each player receiving US$5,000 for appearance.

    Chen Xinhua in England colours.Photo by Manfred Schillings
    Source: ittf.com

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